We are interested in conservation because whatever we do to protect this land protects our future income.

You can look at conservation as being economical - conservation and economics do work hand in hand.

Keith Morton

Farm Information

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Best Management Practices
  • Water Control Structures (Code 587)
    These include pipes, slotted risers, and low-grade weirs.
  • Conservation Buffers
    Conservation buffers slow water runoff, trap sediment, and enhance infiltration within the buffer. Buffers also trap fertilizers, pesticides, pathogens, and heavy metals, and they help trap snow and cut down on blowing soil in areas with strong winds.
  • No-Till / Strip-Till (Code 329)
    This practice is managing the amount, orientation and distribution of crop and other plant residue on the soil surface year-round. Crops are planted and grown in narrow slots or tilled strips established in the untilled seedbed of the previous crop.
  • Real Time Kinematic Guidance
    A process to produce very accurate locations from GPS signals.
  • Irrigation Land Leveling (Code 464)
    Land leveling is essential for efficient irrigation delivery, and to reduce sediment transport and erosion.
  • Grid Soil Sampling
    Involves dividing a field into equal square or rectangular sections (grids) of several acres in size.

Commodities of Morton Farms

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