Sage Farms is a model farm for NCRS programs. The agency has worked with the farm on hayland plantation, pest management and cross-fencing.

Farm Information
  • Farmer: Sarah Harvil and Genette Hunt
  • Location: Franklin County, MS

Best Management Practices
  • Water Control Structures (Code 587)
    These include pipes, slotted risers, and low-grade weirs.
  • Stream Crossing (Code 578)
    A stabilized area or structure constructed across a stream to provide a travel way for people, livestock, equipment, or vehicles.
  • Cover Crops (Code 340)
    Cover crops are applied to fields for seasonal cover to avoid sediment loss, and reduce erosion.
  • Rotational Grazing
    A process whereby livestock are strategically moved to fresh paddocks, or partitioned pasture areas, to allow vegetation in previously grazed pastures to regenerate.

Commodities of Sage Farms

Cattle Commodity


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