The demonstration farm for MS Conservation.

  • Clarksdale, MS
  • Home of Muddy Waters.
  • 5000 ac of Row-Crop Agriculture
  • Wheat/Corn/Soybeans
  • 2000 ac Demo Farm

Farm Information
  • Farmer: Pete Hunter
  • Location: Coahoma County, MS
  • Watershed: Big Sunflower
  • HUC 10 Watershed: Harris Bayou
  • Stovall farms has hosted a number of distinguished field tours including:

    • Hypoxia Task Force
    • Conservation Technology and Innovation Center
    • MS Farm Bureau
    • Conservation Districts
  • Stovall farms is a Cadillac conservation farm that is a demonstration of how conservation practices and agriculture can work hand in hand. The list of conservation practices employed on Stovall farms is extensive:


    • Precision Agriculture
    • Grid Soil Sampling
    • VRA / 4 R Nutrient Stewardship
    • Irrigation Monitoring
    • Soil Moisture Sensors
    • Land-Leveling
    Stovall Farms In-Field Image

    Edge of Field:

    • Pads and Pipes
    • Slotted Pipes
    • Slotted Risers
    • Irrigation Monitoring
    • Soil Moisture Sensors
    • Land-Leveling
    Stovall Farms Edge Image

Drain Management Stovall Farms utilizes several drainage management practices:

1) Improved Drainage:

Improved Drainage Image 1
Improved Drainage Image 2

2) Vegetated Drainage Ditches:

  • Wetland vegetation is encouraged within drainage ditches
  • Holding water through low-grade weirs increases survival
Improved Drainage Image 3
Improved Drainage Image 4

3) Low-Grade Weirs:

  • Weirs are small check dams that retain water within the drainage ditch and enhance wetland like conditions for nutrient transformations and sediment removal
Improved Drainage Image 5
Improved Drainage Image 6

4) Tailwater Recovery and On-Farm Storage

  • On Farm Reservoir — 9 Surface Acres; Holds Approx. 80 ac/ft Storage; Pivot Irrigation — 400ac

Monitoring and Implementation Harris Bayou Monitored under a paired-watershed approach:

Harris Bayou Monitored under a paired-watershed approach:

1) Harris North (Stovall) = TREATMENT WATERSHED

  • Monitoring since July 2010
  • BMPs finished being implemented completely 2012
  • Pipe, Ditch, Weir BMPs completed 2011


  • NO BMPs introduced

Irrigation Monitoring of Reservoir and Tailwater Circle S Irrigation with Sanders has installed an irrigation monitoring system. Components include:

1) Water level recorders in reservoir and tailwater

2) Flow loggers on reservoir intake, and irrigation outflow

3) Rainfall

With this system, we can calculate water use, water savings, and the cost associated with irrigation.

Best Management Practices

Commodities of Morton Farms

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